You (Yes, You) Can be a BRITA on the Web

By Amy McDougall, SpinSpotter Community Manager


While moving last weekend, I discovered that the BRITA water filter from my old apartment won’t attach to my new kitchen faucet. “Big deal. I’m no water purist snob,” I thought, as I started to guzzle it straight from the tap.

But before the water even hit my esophagus, I spit a mouthful back into (and all around) the sink. Why? Because it tasted like a corroded sewer pipe, not H2O. (Not that I’ve ever tasted a corroded sewer pipe, nor am I encouraging you to try it now or ever.)

The moral of the story: People need good water filters, just like people need good information filters. (Yep, I really am making this stretch of a parallel here.)

If we want to be a society of well-informed voters and confident consumers, then isn’t it time we step up and become the hyper-critical readers, hawkish media watchdogs, and superhero SpinSpotters who will straighten out twisted truths, flag misleading press releases, and cast light upon sloppy news reporting? Isn’t it time we become BRITAs on the Web—extracting the pollutants, calling out the B.S. as we see it, and restoring its tastiness and trustworthiness?

Some brave souls are already tackling this task, and thank goodness for that. Pop science watchdog groups like Health News Review and crowdsourced news organizations like NewsTrust are modeling some innovative ways to monitor information without neutralizing the rich and divergent perspectives that make the Web such a full and fascinating place.

So, which websites and tech tools do you trust to deliver the most uncontaminated truth?

(Disclosure: The author received no commission from BRITA for this free plug. However, she wouldn’t reject a gift card from the company, since she hasn’t had a sip of water since the aforementioned “regurgitation incident.”)


One response to “You (Yes, You) Can be a BRITA on the Web

  1. Well said. I love the water filter metaphor….

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