Wanna Go for a ride?

Hi.  I’m David Camp, SpinSpotter chief marketing officer and incurable ideologue and evangelist.  I’m writing to introduce myself, provide another portal into our business thinking and progress, and most important, solicit your feedback.

We’ve been at this a few months now and I continue to feel the same enthusiasm and mission-like attitude as on day one.  All of us on the team have always aspired to marry vocation and avocation in a single business pursuit.  In the arc of our careers, there are rare points in time where certain circumstances, personalities and ideas align to create a context where big, transformational things are possible.  Things that go beyond business and the pursuit of profit.  (Thanks Tim O’Reilly for Rule #1:  Work on things that matter more than money.)  Things that contribute to the greater good around us in enduring ways.

Our mission is simple and bold:  powering people to bring truth and transparency to information on the web.  Gulp.


We’re all passionate about this, and while we have a long way to go to realize this vision and lots of obstacles in the way, we also believe deeply in journey as reward.  And the road ahead is as exciting as it is unpredictable.  We invite anyone listening to hop in and join us on this journey.

One more thing we believe, and something essential to everything we do:  openness, authenticity, humility, and an always-on, 2-way feedback loop.  We are an enabler business, where the power and wisdom of the crowd far exceeds anything we can do ourselves.

Today we launched another version of our product to support Internet Explorer (along with our Firefox toolbar already live.)  You’ll also see some updates to the website in terms of what our product can enable across all categories of online information. We think SpinSpotter can have broad appeal regardless of one’s interests.  Whether you’re a news junkie seeking unbiased reporting, looking for truthful product reviews, reading a Wikipedia entry, or evaluating someone’s LinkedIn profile or anything else online – you should be able to ask “Is that true?” and get an answer that gives you confidence.   (Thus the origin of our new tagline you will see on our homepage.)

Please have a look.  Download the Spinoculars plug-in if you haven’t already and experiment a little while you’re surfing the web (installation is free and easy, and should take less than a minute, really.) Then tell us what you think.  If you think there is merit to what we are doing, than hold on and continue with us on this journey.  If you don’t, then easily uninstall the plug-in and say no thanks.  Either way, please say something!  We listen carefully.

We’re hoping to keep on a regular, monthly product release cycle, where new features are regularly added.  (And as you are probably painfully aware, we have lots of features, many basic and some advanced, that we are in great need of providing to you quickly…)  For starters, in the near future we’ll be adding features that make it much easier for SpinSpotters to share ideas, navigate to great content, and stay plugged into the world of Spin.

Thank you.  And sorry for the long-winded hello.  (Brevity is not my forte…) This movement (seriously, that’s how we think of it) will be built on the foundation you can help build. If you have any questions, ideas or criticisms, we’d love to hear them.  You can reach me directly at david@spinspotter.com

David Camp


3 responses to “Wanna Go for a ride?

  1. David from SpinSpotter. Seeker of truth, not consequences…

  2. Well said, D. -Todd

  3. Puzzled:

    I am puzzled about your comment about Plagarism … I never say your post about that—would love to see it.

    I am confident that -despite our vastly diverse political views- no one at SpinSpotter is in favor of Government censorship (though, admittedly, I have never asked anyone).


    Todd Herman

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